A Personal Note

My personal history with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began early in life when I was just 8 years old. I woke up one night sensing a strange feeling in my legs, and I tried to get up out of bed. As soon as I put my weight down on my legs I collapsed to the ground. I could not walk or even stand. My legs were stiff as boards and my joints were swollen and painful. Terrified, I slid down the stairs and woke my parents. That morning we went to the hospital where tests were run and no answers were found, I landed the scapegoat diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).

There were some indications that I may have caught a virus because around the same time there were 2 young girls in my neighbourhood that had similar experiences. Given the uncertainty about both my condition and the benefit of the prescribed medicines, I began to fear that I may never be able to walk again.   My parents did not waste any time and we drove straight to Chinatown to consult with an acupuncturist named Mei Ling Qian. I remember her gentle reassurance as she paid no attention to the diagnosis, but instead, instructed her husband to prepare a tea for me to drink.

Once back at home, my mother boiled down the herbs tucked inside the white paper and within 45 minutes I was drinking my bitter cure. By the end of the night, I began feeling relief. My knees seemed less stiff and the swelling was slightly reduced. I continued to drink my tea morning, noon, and night, and within a week I was walking with minor pain. In less than a month I was cured!

I was very young when I went through my first serious health scare, and since then, there have been many occasions where I’ve called on acupuncture and herbs to assist me in the restoration of my health. I often think of how fortunate I was to have access to such a powerful medicine and what a relief it provided for my parents who just wanted to see their little girl get well. It is my own personal struggle that fuels my passion for providing my patients with the best care available.

An Approach to Healing Rooted in Chinese Medicine.

Family Connection

All mothers wish to be able to keep their family safe, healthy, and happy, and I am no exception. One of the most rewarding parts of practicing Chinese medicine is being able to provide my family with such helpful therapies like acupuncture, cupping, and herbal remedies.  Those restless nights filled with coughs and fevers have shown me time and and time again that these ancient cures are powerful medicine!